JETEX - a unique high-power fire fighting equipment

Performance based on innovative Gas-dynamic technology

Fire extinguishing equipment on the basis of a new gas-dynamic technology

Developments of our specialists, made on the principals of the gas-dynamic technology, allowed to create a new and unique high-power fire fighting equipment with a two-phase highly dispersed jet.

The equipment has no analogues in the world and allows to effectively fight with the high-intensity area fires.

JETEX module can be used in a number of fire extinguishing systems on various carriers to extinguish fires of any complexity, including fires of high radiation, fires on high-rise buildings and facilities, forest fires, etc.


JETEX Fire Fighting System

The principle of gas-dynamic production of high-speed fine-dispersed two-phase jets of fire extinguishing working fluids of high speed and range of action, effectively combining a number of mechanisms of influence on the sources of fire, is the basis of JETEX Fire Fighting System.

Some of the tasks resolved by JETEX solutions:

  • Overcoming the distance to the fire
  • Provided by long range of jet flow – from 85 to 120 m

  • Disruption of the flame
  • Provided by high-speed of jet flow – up to 100 m/s

  • Prevention of oxidizer (air) access to the combustion zone
    Removal of heat from combustion zone
  • Provided by size of jet flow droplets approx. 150 – 350 µm and increased evaporation speed – 1.000 times in comparison to existing systems

Gas-dynamic systems, when compared to the existing technologies, offer opportunities to:

  • obtain velocities of the working substance in the initial cross-section of the jet flow several times grater;
  • increase the range by 2 times, ensuring the supply of the minimum required amount of fluid over long distances;
  • provide optimal dispersion of droplets or particles of jets in and around the fire site (with sizes ~150 − 350 µm);
  • reduce twice the consumption of fire extinguishing substance per unit of area of fire;
  • extinguish fires which are difficult or impossible to extinguish from short distances;
  • reduce time to extinguish the fire;
  • reduce damage, caused by process of fire extinguishing.


Advanced Characteristics

Some of the features:

  • Possibility of highly dispersed gas-drop jet formation;
  • Minimum water consumption;
  • Increased quenching rate with a small volume of water;
  • Increased range of water and foam application;
  • Possibility to use various mobile tanks;
  • Possibility to use sea water by the tube;
  • Stainless tube.

Autonomous crate-type fire-fighting JETEX system is designed to form a gas-drop jet with highly dispersed structure of droplets to be applied in a form of highly dispersed cloud of droplets, as well as air-filled foam.

Water consumption Up to 60 lit/s
Expansion of foam application Any value that can provide the plugged-in water carrier
Range of the jet by water Up to 120 m
Range of the jet by medium expansion foam Up to 120 m
Lifting/dropping angle +65/-5 degrees
Tube control Manual and remote up to 50 m
Necessary pressure of water supply 1.0-1.3 MPa
Horizontal rotation of the tube 350 degrees
Operating temperature From -40 to +40°С
Fitting 20 feet container
Overall weight 8.000 kg


Unique JETEX

As seen on the comparison below

Fire at oil storage tank in Koyang (South Korea) put out by all available conventional means

Extinguishing gasoline spills
using JETEX

Diameter of burning area
Number of firefighters
Number of fire fighting equipment
fire trucks
Extinguishing time

Case: Quenching petroleum products spillage

Mass flow of extinguishing agent – 60 lit/s
Quantity of gasoline – 20 tons
Area – 620 m2
Extinguishing time – 2 min 38 sec

using JETEX technology

Tank capacity tons of oil products 50 000 100 000
Diameter m 60,7 85,3
Area m2 3 045 5 715
Extinguishing time (1 JETEX) min 14 28
Extinguishing time (2 JETEX) min 7 14

At sites where the most stringent requirements are imposed on fire safety, such as refineries, tanker fleets, sea- and airports, etc., along with mobile  JETEX  installations, the stationary  JETEX  modules, equipped with intelligent systems for detecting fires and for auto start-stop of extinguishing, can make a greater alternative or extra support to serve the purpose.


For most of Industries,
Business and Civil Sectors

Performing high mobility, responding to the demands of fast transportation and delivery, as well as easy field instalment, the JETEX Module is designed for most of the application purposes, made in the form factor of a 20-foot container, which provides the versatility and convenience when placing the JETEX System on mobile carriers – over-the-road, rail or marine, as well as on stationary platforms of fire fighting systems, including at sites where the most stringent requirements are imposed on fire safety, such as refineries, tanker fleets, seaports and airports, and many other.

Production and Process Industries

Flammable liquid storage and handling

Transportation and Shipping

Marinas, shipyards, port operations

Airports, flight line and aircraft maintenance areas

Army and Defense Industries

Real Estate and Construction

Telecommunications and ICT

Service Sectors

What is actually provided and ensured?

JETEX Limits and minimizes damages harm fire safety costs overall losses

JETEX Protects and guards businesses reputation company's image reliability environment infrastructure

JETEX Rescues and saves people nature resources materials

JETEX Improves and enhances safety technological lead progress competitive advantage operational reliability


More than 10 years of continuous improvement – to be # 1

Jet type Gas-droplet Spray
Jet distance m 120 100
Effective distance m 90-110 50-70
Foam jet distance m 120
Water flow rate l/min 3 600 8 000
Drop size microns 150-350 150-300
Drop speed m/sec 70-90 30-40
Fuel flow rate per hour kg 270 1 200 (2*600)
Water quantity at effective distance % (l/min) 40 (1 440) 10 (800)
Height of extinguishing m 60-70 30
Noise rate Db 90 no less 100
Parameter Unit JETEX DSTJFT
Jet range m 120 100
The amount of water delivered at an effective distance % Min 75 5-10
Water consumption l/min 3 600 7 800
Fuel consumption per hour kg 220 About 3 000
The ability to use a foaming agent Available
(at a range 120 m)
Safety The jet is “soft”,
not hot
Powerful jet
Wind effect Possible to work
against the wind
Noise rate Db No more than 100 More than 110

Great Performance

Fire fighting systems of utmost power and range

The highest range of water and foam delivery

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